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LegaLife is a firmly established and highly responsive firm headquartered in Moscow. Our cosmopolitan vision of business is compounded with unparalleled local expertise, thanks to a large number of complex cases that we have successfully handled in Russia since 2000. Multidisciplinary competence and open-mindedness characterize our firm: We have a pragmatic approach to business issues, and we work incessantly in coordination with our clients to find the right solutions for them, either to close a deal or to settle a dispute. Our positioning as a leading firm in Moscow is clearly attested by the numerous global companies that have chosen LegaLife to assist them in Russia but also in other jurisdictions, thanks to our remarkable network. We pride ourselves on our client-centered services, at costs significantly lower than the big firms. More info
Update on Food Sanctions August 27, 2015
EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Gordon said today that a greater number of EU countries will experience the negative effects of Russia's food import ban over the next year and that its extension has "accentuated the effects considerably" on EU farmers. He noted specifically that UK farmers were beginning to feel the effects of the embargo, which had not happened over the previous year of the ban being in place. The EU estimates that Russia's food import ban has cost EU farmers nearly $6 billion over the past year. Russia imposed its food import ban on countries that have sanctioned it over the crisis in Ukraine in August 2014 and extended the ban for another year in late July. Russia also added Albania, Montenegro, Liechtenstein and Iceland to the import ban list on August 13 due to their adherence to the EU's Ukraine-related sanctions. Russia earlier this month began destroying sanctioned food that had been imported illegally, with the government saying this week that it has destroyed more than 650 tons of contraband food items so far. The European Commission will hold a special meeting devoted to the agricultural sector on September 7, during which measures to mitigate the negative effects of Russia's food import ban will be discussed. _______________________________________

Sources: USRBC, citing European Commission, August 26, 2015; Rosbalt, August 26, 2015.

Leading Companies at LegaLife' s Business Breakfast Seminar July 8, 2015
A business breakfast seminar on important changes in corporate law, in Russian and entitled "Key Changes in Corporate Law Affecting Legal Entities since September 1st, 2014” was held on Thursday, June 25th, at LegaLife' s office. The seminar was offered by invitation only to a limited number of executive level professionals and in-house lawyers. At the seminar, a panel of LegaLife’ s attorneys discussed the most critical issues that have arisen with changes in corporate law since September 1st, 2014. Attendees included executives from leading companies such as NBCUniversal, Max Mara, Cremonini Group, UBI Bank, La Prairie Switzerland, Messe Frankfurt, Mann Hummel and several others.
Resolution on CEOs, Members and the Labor Code July 7, 2015

Russian Supreme Court' s Resolution on Legal Entities' Members and CEOs and the Labor Code. On June 2nd, 2015, the SC approved Resolution N. 21 indicating that some of the Labor Code' s provisions that apply to legal entities' executives may not be applicable to CEOs and Members of such entities. Specifically, the Resolution excludes from such Labor Code provisions CEOs, the management company, and an individual manager, including a manager of a representative office or branch. Disputes between them and their employers shall be addressed to the courts of general jurisdiction.

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