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LegaLife is a firmly established and highly responsive firm headquartered in Moscow. Our cosmopolitan vision of business is compounded with unparalleled local expertise, thanks to a large number of complex cases that we have successfully handled in Russia since 2000. Multidisciplinary competence and open-mindedness characterize our firm: We have a pragmatic approach to business issues, and we work incessantly in coordination with our clients to find the right solutions for them, either to close a deal or to settle a dispute. Our positioning as a leading firm in Moscow is clearly attested by the numerous global companies that have chosen LegaLife to assist them in Russia but also in other jurisdictions, thanks to our remarkable network. We pride ourselves on our client-centered services, at costs significantly lower than the big firms. More info
Upcoming Seminar on Investments in Industry October 22, 2015
A business breakfast seminar entitled “New Opportunities for Industrial Investments in Russia: Key Incentives, Market Realities, Legal and Regulatory Aspects” will be held in two dates at LegaLife’ s offices on November 26th, or December 3rd, 2015. The seminar is by invitation only for a limited number of executive level professionals and in-house lawyers. At the seminar, a panel will discuss the most critical opportunities, risks, key success factors, and legal/regulatory incentives that have arisen in recent months and that provide new opportunities for investors in industrial products: Marina Zinovieva, Managing Partner, LegaLife (Ph.D. in Jurisprudence, LL.M); Massimiliano Ballotta, Senior Partner, LegaLife (MA, lecturer in business strategy, University of Bologna); Irina Kanunnikova, President, Insight Development (MBA, lecturer in marketing, MGIMO and RANEPA).
Law on Industrial Policy September 25, 2015
As part of a broader policy response to Western sanctions and a contracting economy, the Russian government has passed Federal Law No. 488-FZ dated 31st December 2014 “On Industrial Policy in Russia,” which came into force on 30th June 2015.

The Law, which is integrated by a Resolution (Russian Federation Government Resolution No. 708, dated 16th July 2015) that establishes a procedure on entering into “special investment contracts”, is aimed at stimulating industrial activity. It is evident that the Law has an import substitution objective, and therefore incentives will be related to production localization in Russia. The Law is intended to target most manufacturing sectors of Russian industry, with notable exceptions such as alcohol and tobacco, by providing important incentives to investors, through establishing the procedure for access to incentives at various levels.

 These incentives are available to legal entities and individual entrepreneurs doing business in Russia, including in the special economic zones, by entering into so-called special investment contracts. Main financial incentives deriving from special investment contracts can thus take the form, among others, of tax concessions, support for R&D and innovation, stable tax burden and legal requirements, or subsidies at the federal, regional, and municipal levels.

┬áSpecifically, a special investment contract is concluded between a private investor and a public entity for a period of up to 10 years, and it provides for the investor’ s obligation on upgrading or establishment of a manufacturing facility or enterprise, and, on the other, the public entity’ s obligation to uphold the agreed incentive measures. The minimum investment amount for entering into an investment contract is set at RUB 750 million, and in order to be eligible an investor will need to provide a project’s business plan and a copy of the investment agreement.

For the Russian text of Resolution 708 see: http://files.ctctcdn.com/4efb842b001/d8f716e5-38b0-4f9a-bf02-8591c3bcb2ef.pdf

Joint Business Breakfast Seminar September 24, 2015
A business breakfast seminar entitled “Employment of Foreign Citizens: Recruitment Aspects and Legal Formalities”, a joint initiative by our law firm, LegaLife, and Hills International, an HR company, was delivered in Russian on September 24th.
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