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LegaLife is a firmly established and highly responsive firm headquartered in Moscow. Our cosmopolitan vision of business is compounded with unparalleled local expertise, thanks to a large number of complex cases that we have successfully handled in Russia since 2000. Multidisciplinary competence and open-mindedness characterize our firm: We have a pragmatic approach to business issues, and we work incessantly in coordination with our clients to find the right solutions for them, either to close a deal or to settle a dispute. Our positioning as a leading firm in Moscow is clearly attested by the numerous global companies that have chosen LegaLife to assist them in Russia but also internationally, thanks to our exceptional network. We pride ourselves on our client-centered and outstanding professionalism in the legal and consulting fields, even if at costs significantly lower than the big firms. More info
LegaLife Advising Several New Leading International Companies January 27, 2016
Despite last year' s sharp Russian economic contraction, in the fourth quarter of 2015 as well as in January 2016, LegaLife has continued broadening its assistance to foreign companies, including new leading clients from Italy, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. For example, in addition to a large number of other Italian clients, our firm is currently advising SCM Group, the world' s second largest wood machinery specialist group with a turnover of over 500 million euro on corporate and commercial issues. We are also presently providing corporate assistance to a new Czech client (we have already been advising other "historic" Czech companies such as Skoda Machine Tools and Axis for several years), fast-growing MyQ printing solutions, which is expanding internationally at a speedy rate opening subsidiaries in many countries, including Russia. Lastly, we are advising our first Slovak client, Troliga Bus, the leading Slovak buses manufacturer, on a corporate dispute case.
New Arbitration Court in Moscow, the AEB Arbitration Court (AAC) January 22, 2016
In December 2015, the Association of European Businesses' (AEB) Board approved the Rules of the AAC, which "acts as an independent permanent arbitration institution/court/tribunal operating on the basis of the New York Convention 58 as of June 10th, 1958 about the acceptance and enforceability/execution of the awards of foreign Arbitration Courts". The awards of an international Arbitration Court like AAC are enforceable and executable in every member state.  According to AEB, the AAC Arbitration Court serves as a dispute resolution mechanism for both AEB member- and non-member companies willing to use the AEB Arbitration Court as an alternative to conventional litigation.
Massimiliano Ballotta Confirmed as Member of Scientific Committee of Master Program at the University of Bologna January 11, 2016
Massimiliano Ballotta, senior partner of LegaLife, has been confirmed for the second year as one of the three members of the Scientific Committee of the University of Bologna 's Masters on Russian-Italian Business Relations (Master in relazioni internazionali d'impresa: Italia-Russia). He has also been a lecturer on business strategy since 2013.
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